Around Midnight in the ICU

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Weak Week

Like everyone else I know, I spent the week recovering from the truck that is Thanksgiving. Much turkey was eaten in our household.
My beloved Cowboys lost a nailbiter in overtime. My mother remarked that nothing had changed. My family all showed up, all forty-two of them. My pager went off twelve times. My cousins shouted about how big fans they were of Jake Plummer, even during the lean Arizona Cardinal years. My head pounded.
My Thanksgiving kept giving for the next few days. My pager continued to go off. My call schedule dictated that I had the next three days to cover everyone else. My emergency rooms kept me very busy. My hospitals loved me. My bed didn't see me. My eyes were red, and blistering for sleep.
My Monday was supposed to calm things down. My uncle came to the office to visit. My interest was piqued. My uncle said hello, then passed out in my waiting room. My nurse rode with him to the ER. My friend who had kept me up all weekend ordered an MRI. My intuition said stroke. My MRI agreed. My uncle went to the ICU. My aunt cried.
My Tuesday was better. My father twisted his knee. My father only has one leg, so it just so happened this was his good knee. My mother took him to the hospital. My family met him there, after visiting my uncle in the ICU. My orthopedist told me that Dad needed an operation. My request was for local anesthetics. My father spiked a fever. My anesthesiologist said general. My mother cried. My pen signed a DNR order. My father got his knee drained. My mother prayed. My nurses rolled him out of the OR fairly unscathed. My aunt, his sister, cried. My father joined my uncle.
My Thanksgiving was supposed to end by now, but it didn't. My office and life kept going. My server crashed on Wednesday. My IT guy didn't answer his pager. My cell did not reach his. My voice faltered on his answering machine. My patients waited patiently in the lobby. My medical assistant tried to reschedule them. My patients grew impatient. My office manager asked them to come back Friday. My intuition said this would be bad. My gut agreed. My lunch disagreed with me. My stomach returned the lunch. My uncle got out of the ICU. My Plummer-loving cousins were elated. My aunt cried. My mother prayed.
My IT guy dumped me. My software guy recommended someone else. My clinic stayed stagnant Thursday. My wallet was emptied. My computers got fixed. My patients had already been canceled. My father became sicker. My wife got sick. My uncle told me to go home to take care of her. My mind was spinning. My aunt cried. My mother kept praying. My wife's fever seethed.
My self is a shadow by Friday. My promised weekend dematerializes. My covering partner calls me back. My patients get handed back to me. My needed days off disappear. My wife's fever seethes. My mother cries. My aunt prays.
My ego says I am selfish. My body is exhausted. My soul is spent. My Thanksgiving is not over. My patients call from the office. My patients call from the hospital. My family pleads with me over my uncle and my father. My lips quiver, but do not answer their concern.
My. My.
My. My. My. My......


  • My father only has one leg, so it just so happened this was his good knee.

    Wouldn't that be his only knee?

    By Blogger Niobium, at 10:17 AM  

  • Very cool blog...outstanding piece! I feel for you brother...hang tough!

    By Blogger Taha Raja, at 1:57 PM  

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